About Us

Allyson Sherman, Owner of Waggin Trailz with Client Dog

Allyson Sherman (Redding)

Owner & Pet Lover

After a successful corporate career in San Francisco, I decided to head back east and offer local families the option of thoughtful, professional pet care when they couldn’t be there themselves. In SF, I always had a fantastic support system for my pets and quickly realized that was what I wanted to do. Since starting in 2013, I feel fortunate for how well Waggin’ Trailz has been accepted into our community. We continue to grow and develop our relationships every day with our clients. As a team, we care for over 250 families around town and each pet is treated as one of our own. Our goal is for you to feel that we are extensions of your pet’s family; all-inclusive care without having to piece meal with other friends and family members in your absence. I’m very fortunate to be able to build my family and my business at the same time with such an amazing, reliable, caring team and the support of our great pet families.

Alli - Dog Walker, Pet Sitter


My passion for all animals started in childhood, growing up with dogs, cats and two house trained rabbits, along with the occasional rescue squirrel. As an adult I adopted my “soul dog” Crosby, a big personality Border Collie mutt and began volunteer work with CANDi International, a foundation providing spay / neuter and veterinary clinics in South America. During a clinic in Bonfil, Mexico, a desperately ill street dog named Luna wagged her way into my home. Luna gained national notoriety as the poster pup for overpopulation and animal welfare. With a heavy travel schedule and Luna often becoming sick, I learned quickly the importance and peace of mind that came with having compassionate trustworthy caregivers. Luna’s passing in 2018, inspired me to leave my successful but stressful corporate career to focus on building my Mountain Guiding Business, Muddy Boots while given the opportunity to pass-on the same caring service which Luna and Crosby received. I am a licensed NYS Mountain Guide, Certified International Wilderness First Responder, Professional Mountaineer and expert dog snuggler.

Sarah, pet sitter, walker


I’ve been passionate about animals for as long as I can remember, we always had at least two cats and a dog while I was growing up in my house. I worked with some horses when I was younger on my cousins farm and as of right now my only pet is a bearded dragon. I don’t shy away from any type of animal – they all deserve the same level of love and attention in my mind. They all have their own personalities and little tricks you need to learn, which is one of my favorite things to do. I treat all the animals I work with as I would my own and show them the same level of kindness (or sternness when appropriate!) that I have always shown mine. I appreciate the opportunity you’re giving me and everyone else on the team by letting us be a part of your pets lives and helping you to make sure they’re well cared for!

Evan, Dog Walker Waggin Trailz


Pets have always been a staple in my life. Having come from a family with multiple pets it is commonplace to find an animal roaming around at all times. In my experience you’ll never meet two animals that are quite the same. On my off time you can likely find me binging a new show on Netflix, listening to music (a little more loudly than is probably recommended), or hanging out with friends. My top priority is making sure your pets are well taken care of in your absence. My goal is to provide you with the sense of security that comes from knowing your pets are in good hands.